Monday, February 15, 2016

When Someone Knocks

                                                                                        Photo credit Google Images
When someone knocks at your door do you automatically open it up or do you look to see who is there first?

This morning at 8:30 A.M. (at my son's apartment) Vicky and Brandon were getting ready to come to our home. My son's girlfriend was skyping with her sister who lives in Germany. Suddenly she heard someone knock on the door. She peeked out through the peep hole and saw no one. So she adjustd herself and looked again, a black man was standing next to the wall. She decided to not answer the door and just quieted everything down. But in this apartment building you can hear everything being done in the apartment from the hall and from hallway in the apartments. So he knew she was there, because of the noise she had been making. Next thing she knows the door knob is turning and he is knocking louder. She went and got Brandon. He looked out but didn't know the guy either. He asked the man what he wanted. The guy only mumbled something no one could understand. Brandon (after getting his gun) decided to open the door slightly so he could find out what this man wanted. He kept his foot on the bottom of the door and just slightly opened it. But the man then tried to force his way in the apartment. Brandon is a solid guy, big, so this man could not get more than his arm in. Brandon asked the man repeatedly what he was doing and told him to go away. Finally he cocked his gun and showed it to the man, who said "go ahead, do it". This time when Brandon pushed on the door the man removed his arm and Brandon locked the door. As Brandon watched the man wander away he called 911, the police were able to find the man. We are hoping there are wants and warrants on this guy.

After telling me about this event I was wondering how this happened, how did he pick Brandon's apartment? We figure that the man knew most apartments would be empty (it was 8:30 in the morning and the morning go to work traffic was done). This was a big complex so the man just wandered in and out of buildings listening for activity. When he heard Vicky talking to her sister. He chose that apartment not expecting Brandon to be home. If Vicky had opened the door I would be telling you a different story right now. I thank God for a son who was trained in self defense and the lightning speed of the police.