Tuesday, February 16, 2016

When Mom Says "Honey?" You Should Run!

I am constantly scanning the Facebook sale posts. You have to be fast when something great goes up for sale or you won't be the proud new owner of it. This is because if it's a great deal then it is gone instantly. So when I saw these cupboards for $50.00 I was thrilled to be the first to respond. My daughter and I went to Lincoln to pick them up and asked my son to please come and help. All I told Brandon was I had found some cute cabinets, would he help load them. I hadn't seen them in person and didn't think to ask how big or heavy they were so when we walked in and saw them, well they were MASSIVE! My son looked at these units that towered over us at 7 feet tall and said: when it comes to my mom saying I found something cute will you help? I should have known better. My daughter and I were of no help, my poor son ended up muscling them up an incline and sliding them into his truck. I realized my husband and I would not be able to move them into our house so now they are tucked away in Brandon's garage waiting for me to decide what to do with them. Also in his garage is a chicken coop, a bath tub, a cooker and stand, plus a mix of a few miscellaneous things. I have the best son ever but I do need to go clean it all out so he can put his car in there.