Friday, September 28, 2012

New Free Blogger Opportunity ~ Giveaway Land!

That's Right, this is a Free blogger opportunity to give away land! 
As a blogger if you have ever wanted to get into an event that is sure to bring in huge numbers this would be the event you want to be a part of. It's a fabulous opportunity!

 LandCentral and Mompact have joined together to offer this fabulous promotion! The winner will have their choice of five listings. The land to be given away is located in California, Arizona, Colorado, Florida and Pennsylvania! I'm wondering if I can enter as well!

So what do you have to do? First you have to sign up. Then you need to promote the event like I am here. Once the promotion goes live all you need to do is promote the giveaway at least once between Oct 1 - Oct 30th! That's it! You will get one entry on the LandCentral and Mompact promotions  Rafflecopter form! That's going to bring in a lot of new followers!

What is LandCentral? It's an online real estate listing agency. You can look anywhere in the United States for land that is being offered. There are no credit checks and they offer affordable payment plans! If you have dreams of owning a cabin in the mountains of Colorado or the Poconos at a price that will blow your mind LandCentral is the place to look! While I was browsing I saw some pretty cheap land!

So what are you waiting for click this link and get started!