Thursday, March 8, 2012

Point of Interest is going all out on their backing of Acts of Valor not only because of the good acting, beautiful scenery but more because it is the first movie to have active duty military personnel the Navy Seals in this movie are real.

They go on to say that this is the best U.S. subsidized movie ever made. That's a pretty strong statement. says that we should ignore some of the reviews out there because if you never served you are not going to get this movie in the same way that anyone that has served will. This is because the producer and director listened to the Seals as they explained how the scenes should play out so they are pretty realistic. I don't know about you but I plan to see this movie.I have not read or heard the Hollywood hype, I am looking towards a great movie that will leave me American proud. I love our military for without them we would not be free.It is about time we see something on screen that shows us how it really is. If you want to read Military.coms review you can check it out HERE.