Friday, March 9, 2012



Just click on the U Kotex tab to take you to the sample

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Food On The Table

When you go to the site, do not use the Facebook option to sign in! Enter your email and the code on the First page before going into the site or you WILL be billed. When you enter this code you will get unlimited use of this site where normally the free version only gives you 3 days but during this promotion and it is only good for the month of February  you will not have to upgrade. So if you are asked to upgrade you don't have to with this: Promo Code: MARFREE

Okay I got this in February and there was a glitch they wanted to charge me but I was able to get them to fix it and they assured me that this will  not happen again. If you get a thing wanting your credit card or any other billing info DO NOT ENTER IT, click out and re do it. ON  THE FIRST PAGE YOU SHOULD NOT USE THE FACEBOOK OPTION! That is the key put in your email and the code on the first page!. If you have a problem with this service I have a contact email so send me a note!
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