Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Barefoot Executive by Carrie Wilkerson Review

 The Barefoot Executive: 
The Ultimate Guide for Being Your Own Boss and Achieving Financial Freedom
 By Carrie Wilkerson

I never saw myself as a business woman, I was simply a mom who liked to find stuff and share it with my friends. Soon this pass time became more of a passion and I fell into blogging. Still I did not see this as a business it was just bigger fun time. Then I realized I could make this into a home based business and actually bring a little extra and much needed money into our home but how? 

The key is having the right tools and knowing why you want to do what your setting out to do and how to sell your skills. Carrie Wilkerson knows this and has put it all into words. She isn't giving you a step by step program that promises you wealth if you do it all her way. She shows you how to build your business, sell your assets and market the best you have to offer. It's because how you build your business is how you also build your success and wealth.

 Carrie shows you how to set your priorities, target and develop the market you should be in. How to brand yourself all in easy to read and understandable format. She shows you how to gather all the tools you need for your individual plan. The most interesting part for me was the pitfalls and what I should avoid doing. I discovered that I have been making a few of these easy to do mistakes.

Sometimes as a blogger I try too hard to reach too many interests, I am trying to please everyone in the end I am pleasing no one. While reading this book I learned that I need to come up with a workable format for me on topics I am good at and that I know well. In this way my writing and my interest is at it's best. Telling you about what I know makes it more interesting to you which makes me more successful at what I am doing. This is a key and one of my tools.

If you are a blogger that has been working too many hours and too hard at this and not getting very far, this book is a major tool for you. I know I need to reorganize my time and get a better plan.
What is it that you need? Let Carrie Wilkerson help you figure it all out.

If you are wanting to find out more, you can find  it here on Carries Web SiteBlog, Twitter  and if you follow her on  Facebook you can get a sneak peak with a free chapter!

Disclosure: I did receive a complimentary copy of The Barefoot Executive so I could review it. My receiving this book did not change my review in any way. I would never endorse something I thought would be bad for my readers. All opinions are my own.