Friday, January 27, 2012

To Invest or Not To Invest That Is My Question

      I am always looking into ways to invest my money, I need to make sure that we can live comfortably when we retire. The other day I talked a little about looking into finding a company  to refinance our home so we could start looking to buy a home closer to our children. While I was researching some of my options I came across The Valencia Group they are a chemical investment bank. While they would not be a company I could go to for a home loan they still intrigued me. I spent some time and looked into what this company does. Their specialty is giving advice on investing in chemicals, materials and other related areas. They also have offices in England , New York and Shanghai which means they are global. In these uncertain times I want a company that is not localized and can move my money where it will be used in the best most lucrative way possible.

      What I like a lot is that they are experts in chemical mergers and acquisitions, are independent and have over 200 closed transactions totaling over $80 billion. To someone like me that amount of money is mind boggling and I want a part of it . Tonight when my husband gets home I am going to talk to him about this company and see if we can check into their chemical advisory and investment services. I don't think I will be a billionaire but the thought of being able to invest our money in a way where we can build a financial base so we are lucrative when we retire would be fantastic.