Friday, January 27, 2012

Keeping the Dream Alive

When I was in college I discovered I had a raw natural talent, I was shocked because I had no clue I could do anything really well. But when I touched clay it came alive in my hands and things grew from it, the lump of wet gushy clay became alive, it talked to me. I know that sounds strange but only those that have experienced this kind of passion can understand how it works. I wanted to be an artist and I sold a few pieces they were really good. I was amazed that anyone besides me would look at my work and like it. This is the thing, I went to school as a business major. I wanted to be a personnel manager. I wanted to work with people not clay. I took the pottery class as a fluke you know a bird course, I had so many tough courses I needed one to be easy that semester. I was so good at it, my instructor gave me a scholarship based on my art.

       So then I started to dream, I believe dreams are important in a persons life. To dream the impossible, make it probable then make it real. I started to get the idea that maybe I should go to trade shows and use pop up booths  my teacher had them and she sold a lot of her work supplementing not only her income but also keeping her dream alive. Teaching was just a way to do what she loved. But then I got sick and my dream was put on hold. I just recently got back to my pottery and to my delight the clay still speaks to me, I am dreaming again.

       Recently I have been looking at a trade show pop up because they are so easy to put up like an EZ UP canopy or an accordion. You can get the wall and make the space you are assigned totally yours , I saw some with lights, shelves, monitors and even table top displays. When ever I have gone to art shows , job fairs and even car shows I have seen these trade show displays. I am just amazed at how easy they are to put up and customize to my wants and needs. I worried that I would have to buy a truck or van just to transport my walls until found the pop up displays they are so easy to transport and set up. The frame opens up and you hang panels to the frame and that's it! For anyone that needs it they can convert the case into an instant podium by attaching fabric and a wood top. I was thinking I could use it as a display for one of my pieces. 

      My son is currently a music major in college and is a part of a quintet, they hire themselves out and I was thinking that if I got the back lit pop up which is like a giant light box we could share it (as long as we didn't need it at the same time). There are also bubble kits and 3D pop up displays but I am not sure these would fit our needs except that the 3D pop up displays are the easiest to set up so they are worth looking into. It would be really neat to have one with mirrors or pictures like a billboard if it was done right, The important thing is to have an attractive display so you attract attention and get people to your booth and I am convinced that pop up trade show displays are the most affordable answer for me.