Friday, January 27, 2012

Oh Baby, My Baby

      When my son was a baby I had to ride the bus to work, because it saved on gas, parking and the mad rush our traffic of down town Los Angeles. It was too hard to tote a stroller, baby bag and my work gear on the bus. One person just can't do that. So when I discovered baby slings and wraps I grabbed them up and quickly fell in love with them. In the city riding the bus during rush hour is not always the easiest and people won't get up for pregnant women nor with they give up their seats for moms so the baby carriers were a blessing to me. I had the front pack and later when he was bigger I bought the back pack. The joy of not only having my baby so close and snuggled up next to me was amazing, but also it allowed me to have my hands free so I was able to handle the gear and hang on if there were no seats. In my opinion they are the best baby sling around frankly I don't know how any parent can handle not having these baby carriers.

      When my daughter came along I bought new baby carriers and for me having my babies so close to me, so warm and snuggled they always fell asleep with their tiny heads on my chest and I knew that my babies were being comforted not only by the closeness to me but also the very beating of my heart. I knew that as toddlers they were not going to get away from me in a crowd and no one was going to get too close to them. I loved that I had total control and that I could protect them so thoroughly. It was great that I was able to go places quickly with out the hassle of always having to struggle with a bulky stroller. When my children start having babies of their own, I know what I am going to get them.