Saturday, January 2, 2016

Shaken Not Stirred

                                                         photo credit, found on Google Images

I always wanted to try a Martini. It has that James Bond feel of a very sexy man with an outrageously gorgeous woman sipping on a cool clear drink with an olive...shaken not stirred.
So since the kids are gone and I want to get my Yule on Rick and I went and got the Vermouth. I already had the Gin. Excitedly I measured, poured, shook then dispensed this wonderful and exciting libation. Our first sip together. PHHHHHFFFFTTTTTT man that isn't palatable, so I look in my bartender book to see what I did wrong. Behind me I hear glug, glug as my other half "fixed it" with more vermouth. OOH that was worse... I mixed and fixed and now we have nothing like any tini I have ever seen but it is now a fruity punch with too much vermouth. Take my word when it says a drop or splash, don't drown it in the stuff.
As for me the room is spinning slightly. I think this is going to be a ho, ho, ho early night and an ooh where is my aspirin morning.
I hope you had a Merry Christmas and Wonderful New Year celebration.