Saturday, September 13, 2014

What Other Blogs Do!

I found this craft on Rockin' Momma's blog I liked it so much I wanted to share it with you and save it for me.

Craft: Handprint Snowman Ornaments

    I saw these ornaments last year and made sure I saved the idea. They are going to make great grandparent gifts!  They are so easy and turn out cute!

    Here’s what you need:
    1. white paint
    2. glitter paint, optional
    3. ornament- make sure it's a shatterproof one!
    4. paint pens, Sharpies or other paints for decorations
    5. foam brush
    6. Clear Coat Spray Paint

    Pour white paint onto paper plate
    Paint your child’s hand white with a foam brush
    Have your child hold the ornament, being careful not to move fingers
    After the paint has dried, decorate your snowmen
    Spray with Clear Coat
    To put his hand print on the ornament I found it easiest to have him open his hand after I painted it and I would place the bulb in the palm and then have him slowly close his fingers and then I pushed each on done.  Then I’d tell him to open his hand real fast.
    This is make shift holder, to hold the ornaments as they dried.  This card board came out of a package that I had received that I pulled out of my recycling bin.  I used a pen to poke the holes and then stuck markers in to slid the bulbs on to dry.  Any kind of box should work.Don’t forget to put the name and the year on the ornament too!  I’ve seen them decorated with scarfs and other fun snow items.
    Then add this hang tag to it with this poem:
    (Child’s Name) Snowmen
    These aren’t just 5 snowmen
    as anyone can see…
    I made them with my hand
    which is a part of me.
    Now every year at Christmastime
    when you deck your halls
    you can look back and remember
    Christmas (this year)
    when my hand was just this small!
    Merry Christmas
    Love, (Child’s name)

    Have fun making them!