Sunday, January 3, 2016

Science Vs The Word

I have been watching the secrets of the Bible on Netflix. After watching the episode where two non believing scientists tried to explain away the 10 plagues in scientific sequence I kept thinking okay but how did Moses predict each one? Moses wasn't a scientist and had no idea what God had in store until God told him what to say. Explain that.
There were a few plagues the scientist had trouble with and then it seemed an epiphany hit them and they said OF COURSE! Like when the first born died (Passover) neither scientist explained why the Jews with the blood stained doors didn't lose their first born. One said that because of the other plagues they could not dry their grain so they stored it wet and a deadly fungus grew. The eldest always ate first so he/she got a lethal does of the germs thus killing only them. WHAT? The other said the Egyptians were psychologically messed up so they sacrificed their eldest to stop the plagues , again WHAT? Both of these scholars took the plagues as written in the Bible but neither included the Jewish experience nor anything Biblical in their explanations. They are subjective in their theories and not objective.
In another episode they investigate Moses and the burning bush. The bush was of course over a volcanic vent, which caused the bush to go up in flames. Thus Mt. Sinai is a volcano which also explained the fire and cloud that protected the Jews as they escaped Egypt. But other scientists say that Mt. Sinai is not a volcano. So of course the location is wrong, they must have been in Saudi Arabia which is 300 miles from Egypt.
I can not tell you what to believe nor will I try. For me the history that is written and the proof in the word and through scholars that try to disprove it only strengthens my belief that the Bible is truth.

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