Friday, March 7, 2014

Try New Arm & Hammer Sensitive Toothpaste Get Your Sample While They Last!

tab2-sensitive-toothpasteI am delighted to tell you about Arm & Hammer's new sensitive toothpaste from the makers of Orajel. I know I have talked about my cancer and the after affects of chemotherapy a lot. That's because it really took it's toll on me. I have not had a pain free day in over 9 years. Even my teeth hurt, my hematologist said I probably wouldn't have any teeth left when I was through with treatment. While I did loose some teeth I kept more then I lost. However, age and chemo left them sensitive and achy. In fact they hurt so badly when I ate or drank anything, I was convinced I had a mouth full of rotting teeth. I was worried about how to pay for all the fillings that would be in store for me when I went to the dentist.  When I did finally go to the dentist I was delighted to discover I did not have one cavity. I just had overly sensitive teeth. My dentist suggested I try a toothpaste designed to help make my mouth less sensitive. She said that my problem was a combination of age and after affects of chemotherapy. sensitivity-oral-care-tab2-image1Imagine my delight when I was given the opportunity to try out Arm & Hammer's Sensitive toothpaste. I mean this opportunity came up for me just after my dental visit. When the toothpaste arrived I saw it was from the makers of Orajel. That made me a little nervous. I was afraid that all it was going to do was numb my mouth and I would not feel anything. I am happy to tell you that it doesn't do that. In fact, I had a really sensitivity-oral-care-tab2-image2great experience with Arm & Hammer's Sensitive toothpaste. I am not going to tell you that I noticed a dramatic overnight change, it didn't work that way. What did happen was one day I realized I did not have any pain in my mouth anymore. I could eat and drink cold or hot things without them bothering me. Sweet foods and drinks don't bother me anymore either. In my book this means that it works. I truly believe that some of my issues stem from things like eating lemons with salted plums when I was young.  The salt and acid from the lemon ate away at my enamel, which can cause teeth to be sensitive. Combine that with chemo and age, and I was all set to have these issues. I am delighted that I won't go through the rest of my life with my teeth hurting. Find out more about sensitive teeth and how Arm & Hammer Sensitive Toothpaste can help you by clicking here. You can try Arm & Hammer Sensitive Toothpaste for free as long as the samples last, Click here to get yours! Plus, Arm & Hammer is  offering money off coupons just click here to get them. Smiley provided me with a free sample so I could facilitate my review on this product. Even though I received a free sample of Arm & Hammer Sensitive Toothpaste I would never say it worked for me or that I liked it if I did not. I am not a medical professional, all opinions are my own, if you are having issues with your teeth make sure you consult your dentist especially if you try this product and it does not work for you.