Friday, March 7, 2014

Brother's P-Touch, Helping Me Find My Together Side.


  Sometimes when I think of my life my mind goes to the certain song lyrics like "When I was young I was invincible"... I mean I could do it all, go to school, work, exercise, be a YFC counselor, a Girl Scout Leader, go to church and be a Sunday School Teacher. I baby sat, went on dates, did my housework, laundry, shopping and on top of all that I was organized. I can clearly remember going to my girlfriends house seeing her piles of unopened mail, baskets of unfolded laundry along with assorted other clutter and wondered why couldn't she keep up... I mean I did. THEN, I got married and had kids,
things got harder to keep up with. Working and taking care of my home and family got tough.  Slowly over the years my house became like my friend's. Last year I made a resolution to re-claim my life and home. My Brother P-Touch has been essential in my life, I can't believe how easy it is to use, and it's so durable. I can change the color of the tape and font, and I can even customize the font and it's size. All I did was turn it on, choose the font type to what I wanted on my label and hit print. I learned that when making several labels I could save tape by simply placing a space between the words and cutting them apart myself. I have even used these labels in my photo album. The tape is in
cartridge form so you can change colors at any time. I have to say that the refills were pretty pricey, so I won't let the kids take it and go nuts labeling all their stuff.
I wish I had taken pictures of my messes before I started. On my desk I could never find anything, as a blogger I get lots of things to try out and sometimes I loose the essentials in the mix, so I did a quick and inexpensive fix. I found a 3 drawer box which fits perfectly under my desk shelf. I put labels on the drawers so now there is no confusion. I even stuck a "Keep Out!" warning on there... let's see if it works! My next project was my spices in my kitchen. I have been stressing out about how cluttered and messy they were. When I cook it's always a challenge to find what I'm looking for, and if I send my Mr. to look he often comes back empty handed. So when I found a like new Tupperware spice rack at a second hand store I knew this would be my answer. Together with my P-Touch we organized and cleaned up those bad boys and no one will ever know how disorganized I can be in the kitchen! The final project I want to tell you about today is my husbands work area... what a mess. I have't finished it yet but I got a great start...well I kind of fell into it (literally) I tripped and knocked over his nuts, bolts and nail drawers. What a mess.... I scooped them all up and had to re-sort them. Then, because my husband often sends one of us to go fetch a 3/4 inch wood screw( what's that right?), I had him sit down and tell me what these things were called so from now on we can pull the right drawer quickly and efficiently. The next step is going to be labeling his tool drawers.. more on that for my next post! Over all I am very pleased to have the P-Touch label maker by Brother. It's easy to use, and portable because it can run on batteries or you can purchase a cord to plug it into the wall (I was sort of disappointed it did not automatically come with one). I love that mine is a desk top model. It was the one I was hoping they would send me to review. It's stylish and I love that I can just type in what I want using both hands. The hand held one is also great though because everything  is right there and it is so compact that it can fit in your drawer, craft or tool box! With spring here and summer just around the corner it's time to de-clutter and get it together with a P-Touch by Brother. Brother is so committed in helping get us all organized they are posting useful tips and topics so be sure to friend them on Facebook  for more ways you can find your inner clean!

  "I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Brother P-Touch and received a product sample to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation."