Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lily Of The Desert Aloe

When I was 18  years old and on my own, I burned myself pretty badly. My little old lady neighbor had a gigantic plant that looked like some sort of cactus. When she heard me holler she knocked on my door to see what was up. I showed her my hand and she took me outside, broke off a piece of the plant then rubbed it on my burn. It took the sting right out and I have been a fan every since, the natural healing properties are amazing.
When I came across Lilly of the Desert I knew I wanted to share this company with you. I know aloe vera is great but what I didn't know was how versatile it is.Aloe vera can be used as a topical ointment but it can also be ingested. When you take aloe vera internally it helps boost your immune system, antioxidant levels and helps to detoxify the nitrates in your system.

Lily of the Desert is going to give you one 32 oz bottle of  aloe vera juice and one 8 oz tube of aloe vera  gelly. Keep in mind I am not a medical professional I can only tell you about my experiences. If you are on a medical regiment it would be better to check with your doctors before adding anything to your routine. To purchase or find out more about aloe vera and Lily of the Desert's products please click here.

To enter all you need to do are the easy mandatory entries. The rest of the entries are optional so that means you don't have to do them if you don't want to. Keep in mind that by doing them all you get that many more chances to win this great gift.

Disclaimer: I have not received any compensation for offering this giveaway.My sample did not arrive in time to facilitate a review. Still, I would not tell you about something I thought would be bad for you. Even so if you have a medical history please check with your doctor before beginning a new regiment. All opinions are my own. None of the bloggers in this event are responsible for delivery of this gift, Lily of the desert will be shipping the gift directly to the winner.