Friday, October 19, 2012

A Rather Blustery Day!

I grew up hearing stories about windy days on the plains, you know the mid-western United States. But I never saw more then a few spurts as I grew up. When I moved my family back to Nebraska almost 20 years ago; we had a few bad storms and some high winds, but generally they just blew themselves right on to the next state. So when the wind hit three days ago and stayed, I was at first intrigued and then annoyed as it swept away Halloween decorations out of my yard.

Yesterday when I was watching the Fed Ex guy drive away; I first heard a boom and then saw an explosion, wind took on a new perspective entirely to me. My husband uttered "That's a transformer," and I ran for the phone to call for help. It was only 1 P.M. and our house was totally dark. After speaking to 911, I grabbed my camera and headed out the door to be a roving reporter. As I took my first step the wind caught me and almost hurled me down our cement staircase. I was really lucky my husband was there to catch me.

I headed to the back of the house across the street and saw this:
The tree split in half and smashed into the transformer behind it.

Tearing power lines and boxes out of a half a dozen homes on that side of the road.

Because of mine and a few other 911 calls the electric company was on the scene instantly. 

And our power was back on with in minutes. We had thought that it would be an all day affair, my daughter was setting our house ablaze with flaming candles when the power burst back on, but they got it done pretty quickly.
Today the wind rages on....and so it goes.