Saturday, September 22, 2012

Weekend Link- Up BASH

Weekend Linkup Bash was an Idea that Confessions Of A Stay At Home Mom's author thought of.
The idea of WLUB is to help those bloggers who are trying to get more traffic do so more easily by not having to post their links over and over on tons of Facebook groups. Not to say that the groups do not work but some of us just simply don't have the time. Every week sign-ups for WLUB are open. On Friday morning the bash will begin and the post will be published. Please feel free to sign up, always remember if you don't make it by Thursday (Midnight - Central Standard Time) there will be next week!

Twitter Sign-Ups: HERE
Facebook Likes Sign-Ups: HERE
Followers Sign-Ups: HERE
Newsletters Sign-Ups: HERE
Klout Sign-Ups: HERE
Alexa Rank Drops Sign-Ups: HERE
Top Sites Sign-Ups: HERE
Active Giveaways Sign-Ups: HERE
Blog Comments Sign-Ups: HERE
Retweet Me Sign-Ups: HERE
Opportunity Sign-Ups {Free & Paid}: HERE
Pinterest Sign-ups : HERE
Google+: HERE

Other goodies that WLUB offers:

Also don't forget if you have already entered your links previously you can sign up for  "Re-submission" the price is only $2.00 via Paypal. Please Note: WLUB is COMPLETELY FREE! The $2.00 fee is just for those that want to resubmit the same links next week and want me to do the entries for them (I am offering this service as an aid) You are NOT required to purchase to re-enter your links yourself. For more information please click HERE

Advertising spots are also available, with the traffic that comes in your banner on the main page would be a great way to gain new readers! Want to know more? Click HERE