Monday, September 3, 2012

Now The Couponizer is Customizable! Check it out and enter to win it!

Customizable Couponizer Review
 by Kim Davis of Bloggity Blog

Many thanks to my wonderful co hosts Ashley of Parsimonious Pash, Michelle of Powered By Mom and Pam of Mom Does Reviews. Without your love and support I would be truly lost.

I have been couponing for a very long time, I am 51 and I started when I was 20. For years I used old envelopes tied together with a shoestring (it was a gift from one of my Brownies). After that fell apart I had no clue what to do with my coupons and I tried one thing after another. 30 years later I found a coupon helper that I can actually use and take with me.                                                                                  .                                 
This is more then a coupon folder it is a system designed by someone that knew what it was like to be in the store and not be able to find the coupon you need right now! The Couponizer 10th edition gives you a  lot of tools. Like it's multi pocketed folder, in it everything is neatly arranged, coupon list, a pocket for coupons you think you will be using, a pocket for the coupons to hand the cashier, a pocket for coupons that will be expiring soon, a section for credit cards, your drivers licence, cash, gift cards or what ever else you may want to stick in there so you can leave the purse at home. Then there are the sections for your coupons: produce, meats, canned goods ect. Towards the back are non grocery pockets for entertainment  and travel, restaurants, services and more. Finally there is a section for results your receipts and a coupon tracker so you can keep track of your true savings.With the older Couponiser you had to use the sections as they were, but now you can customize your Couponizer to be exactly the way you want. You get 20 customizable stickers for your Couponizer and 20 more for your sorted mat so you can make your own categories!
How you use this system: The designer of this system thought of everything, shopping and savings tracker lists, scissors, and a handy sorter page. The sorter page unfolds to reveal identical sections as in the folder (which you can also customize), you spread it out on a flat surface, sort your coupons and then easily stick them in the book so you know where they are when you need them. They even give you a convenient plastic pouch to store it in! 
Using the system... I loved that you are never alone with The Couponizer they have friendly how to's available for you on their web site. Supplies and refills so when you run out there is a place you can find it.Plus a place for you to find and print coupons!
Recently my storage system consisted of a shoe box with them all tossed in there because okay I don't have the time to play with coupons much these days. When I looked at the box it made me tired and I just let the pile grow. So when this came I sorted, clipped and arranged and got it all put away properly.I replaced their scissors with a pair of my own because theirs are kid sized and it hurt my fingers to use them. But that was my only dislike in this part of the process.

 I took my couponizer to the store with me and propped it up in the baby seat of my cart. I was ready to go with my dutiful husband following me around. I sifted and sorted and found what I wanted. The issues I had at the store were with me and not The Couponizer, I am not very organized and I saw things not on my shopping list that I wanted and had to sort through the coupons to see if I had one for it and that was a mess. It took forever to do it that way. So other then the scissors I am very pleased with this system, I learned to stick to the list and make a note of the things I wanted for the next trip.The Couponizer has a fantastic web site to support their clients with freebies and places to find printable coupons! I can't see an extreme couponer wanting this because they use those gigantic folders however for a beginner or a casual couponer like me this is PERFECT.

To keep up with what's going on with The Couponizer and to get alerts to specials you can sign up for their newsletters and you can also follow the couponizer on Facebook and Twitter. You can also share your Couponizer savings stories and be entered to win the "Couponizer of the Month" All you have to do is send them a picture with your story and permission to publish it in their newsletter. If you win you will get a $20.00 Target gift card. You can share your Couponizer savings story by clicking this link.

You can purchase your Customizable Couponizer on their web site for $22.95!I am excited to say The Couponizer is allowing me to give one of their Customizable sets to one of my readers to enter all you need to do is the easy entries the rest are optional you can do one or all of them that is up to you. The more you do the better are your chances of winning!

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