Friday, September 7, 2012

My Feeding Friend Review and Giveaway!

By Kim of Bloggity Blog
Many thanks to my  co hosts Ashley of Parsimonious Pash,  Michelle of Powered By Mom , Pam of Mom Does Reviews, Christina of Christina Serrano Avon Rep  and Krisitn of Whole Lotta Mama. Without your love and support I would be truly lost.
Rarely have I found something so fun and versatile when it comes to feeding your baby and it doesn't matter if you breast feed or if you bottle feed, My Feeding Friend is a nursing pillow that  will grow with your baby and truly be their best buddy through their childhood years!. 
My Feeding Friend is a breast feeding support pillow. They come in four styles: dalmatian, monkey, tiger and turtle. I received the monkey to review. My first impression was holy moly this is big! The My Feeding Friend measures 41" long and is 20 to 22" around. You can easily use the My Feeding Friend support pillow all you do is lay your infant on it to make nursing more comfortable for you both. Once your infant gets a little bigger it is perfect for tummy time and sitting time. But as your child gets even bigger it becomes a play friend and nap buddy!  My Feeding Friend is super soft and squishy sure to give comfort and grow with your child. They are perfect for a snuggle no matter what age you are. If you are an adult with or without kids/babies but you like a bit of whimsy in your home, this would be a perfect addition to your family room for a snuggle on the sofa or floor while you are watching a movie!
When I took the My Feeding Friend to see Emily and her babies, I only expected the new born to use it as Emily fed him. However once Gavyn saw the monkey it was love at first sight and play time was on. They romped and wrestled all over the room until Gavyn was just worn out and fell asleep!
 My Feeding Friend is made in the USA which makes it a true win in my book! This is a perfect baby shower gift, you can purchase yours at My Feeding Friend, they retail for $39.99(+S&H). But I have even better news! My Feeding Friend has kindly offered to give one of my Bloggity Blog readers one for their very own for FREE. So if you are feeling lucky you can enter to win yours  right here! This giveaway is open to United States  residence only. You must be 18 to enter. All you need to do is the simple mandatory entries the rest are all optional. You can do just the mandatory entries or all of the entries (the more you do the better are your chances of winning!) that is up to you!

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Disclaimer: I did receive a sample of this product so I could write my review. Even so I would never say I liked something if I did not, nor would I tell my readers about something if I felt it would be harmful to them.