Sunday, September 16, 2012

Family Entertainment Extravaganza! Ends Sept 30

I am just full of giveaways for you right now!! I am so excited to bring this one to you! This time around I will be talking with you again about two different authors that I have interviewed in the past! Jwan Jordan is back for the third giveaway! Can you believe that!? He is just so generous and loves his fans! He is almost done with his motivational Comic Book so be on the watch for another giveaway from him in the near future!! Solease is also bringing us a copy of her book from her interview here on Parsimonious Pash!
                                                   the sleeper book
When I know he is asleep and I have, secured the house, I am out the door. When I get near Greek Town, it is easy to find Karl Smith. I drive around the area and park, walking as though I am enjoying the area. Karl and some other men are walking to a building,but no activity seems to be there. I wait until everyone is in and allow the cold-hearted Holiday to take over. I am more fired up than ever before for ending lives—maybe because I really want someone else: Ava. I am dressed for a mission. There is no time for talking. My window is short and I must be back at home soon. I find the men collaborating on how they are going to find out who’s behind the assassination of Peter. Karl is pretty upset—but so am I. He will soon see his brother, for his brother saw a lion and Karl will see the lion soon too.
Affairs of the Mind follows Rose Wood, a simple high school girl with a very unique gift. Rose has a broken halo that floats over her head that only herself and a few select others can see. Not only does Rose have to deal with the pressures of being a young teen but also figure out what exactly will happen once she repairs her halo by helping others in her city. This is the first issue of Affairs of the Mind and is a prelude to her following adventures which she will meet a large cast of friends and enemies all within her high school of Alexander High which resides in the city of Nihon.
Open to US Residents 18 and older.
Good Luck Everyone!!!

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