Sunday, September 16, 2012

Easy Clean All in One Blind Cleaner/Duster Review

Easy Clean Duster 
Review By Kim of Bloggity Blog

Have you ever yearned for a duster that would do it all for you? I certainly have and that's why I am so happy to introduce you to this totally new, unique all in one cleaning tool EasyClean.

 EasyClean adapts to any size blind making cleaning both sides at once a breeze. But that's not all it does you can adapt EasyClean into any tool you need, it doesn't matter if you want to clean a light fixture, get those pesky cob webs or reach under the sofa or beds for those nasty little dust bunnies. EasyClean with it's micro soft fiber fingers will reach in there grab those pesky bunnies and take them out of there!

What I like the most is the adapter you can get, not only does it attach your EasyClean to an extension pole:                                    
It also adjusts into any angle you need making it easy to reach on top of tall furniture, ceiling fans, woodwork, picture frames, anything that would have taken step stools and ladders before is easily reachable with no fuss when you use EasyClean! Because the fingers are removable you can adapt your EasyClean any way you need to. So instead of having a dozen dusters and cleaning tools you are down to ONE! I even use mine to dust my hard wood floors! And when I am done all I need to do is remove the micro soft covers and toss them in the wash! It's really that easy. 
You can purchase everything you see in the picture above for $18.99 + shipping right now at The EasyClean duster and adapter are also available for individual sale!
In this mom's opinion EasyClean is a great tool any homemaker could use. It would be perfect for your child away at college, the newly wed, for your sibling and mom or even a just because I love you gift.

Disclaimer: EasyClean did send me a sample so I could try it and give you my opinion of their product. Even so, I would never say I liked something if I did not, nor would I tell you my readers about something I thought would not be good for you. All opinions are my own.