Monday, August 13, 2012

Finally Stopped!

Finally Stopped!
By Kim
New law counters Westboro protests
 I have had a burr under my skin every since I heard about the Westboro group I can not call them a church or Christians because nothing they do proclaims God's love. As a mother of a Marine that served in Iraq twice I know the fear and pain of having someone you would die for in a situation you can't help them out of. The absolute fear of my son not making it home each time he went to Iraq tore me up. I can only imagine the pain that families suffer when a loved one gives their lives for our wonderful country. If the pain I felt was so severe, the pain of loss would be utterly unbearable to me.

I had seen the group pop up, I think it was some time in the 80's. They loved to parade around with signs about gay people. I paid little attention to them, I don't think anyone paid much attention to them. I considered them a joke. Then when I saw the protest first hand by these fanatics in our home town about how God hates soldiers when a young Marine was killed. I was astonished and repulsed by them. Our soldiers keep us free, their blood gave this hate group the right to hide behind the laws that the very men and women they chastise died to give them. I could not believe that the Supreme Courts gave Westboro back the right to keep up these horrendous activities when laws were initiated to stop them.

The thought of families having to suffer these people as they say their farewells to their loved ones, was unthinkable. But there they were able to do it, they did it in our little town, gearing and yelling with their ugly signs that showed how dark and ugly their hearts are. So when I read the story by Bryant Jordan New law counters Westboro protests. I rejoiced that Congress finally did something. I know that deep down it was only because it is an election year, but I will take this law any way I can get it. 

I want to say Thank you to our law makers, from a grateful mother and voter!