Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Beauty Of This Place???

We just discovered a man made lake that is divided into two separate lakes.  I mean it has been just outside of town since we moved here and the kids knew about it when they were in high school. But to me it was always that mysterious body of water that seemed forbidden . As a family we always went to the Platte or the Loup to go swimming or fishing. We camped at Branched Oak, So why explore further out of town?
Because of my fear of new places, I am sorry to say that for about 17 years I left this man made treasure alone and forsaken. My son looking for a better (wetter) place to fish (we are in a drought). Started to fish in this man made lake, one side you can fish in the other you can swim in. And his luck has increased 100% we have been munching on catfish all summer long. Thanks to him and my son in law.Also, my daughter and son in law have been swimming, if I had not just had surgery I would be also!. Tonight we went up, most of the casual touristy swimmers, jet sky and boaters were gone however, left behind was tons of trash. I got out my doggy poo bags and sacked up 10 bags of garbage from broken glass to 3 dirty diapers. Is there anything more disgusting as someone discarding a used diaper in a public place?  What really is perplexing to me about these lazy people is that they don't understand that when they ruin it for others they are also ruining it for themselves. I just don't understand this behavior.