Monday, July 23, 2012

Almondina Review and giveaway US ONLY

 We received a a box of Almondina, cookies to review. In our sample pack we received Original, Choconut, Gingerspice, Sesame, Cinnaroma, and Chocolate Cherry. Everyone had their own favorite, but my own personal pick was the Gingerspice.  Almondina cookies are thin, delectable, and definitly a better alternative to pigging out on oreos. They are each flavored to gormet perfection with some of the best combination of spices I have ever tasted in a low-calorie treat, naturally made with no artificial flavorings, dyes or preservatives. They're even kosher!

Almondina cookies have been owned by world renown musical conductor Yuval Zalioul two decades ago.
His company is based in Ohio and are sold in all 50 states and several other countries. You can find them in HyVee, Whole foods,TJ Maxx, Marshalls and my personal favorite Trader Joes (you can find a complete list on their store finder). The list of varieties are extensive.

As I explored the site I discovered that almonds, ginger, coco, bran, cherries, pumpkin seeds and sesame all are healthy and beneficial. Some help with pregnancy and others chemotherapy! These cookies are good for you, guiltless pleasures that I wanted to hide and horde from my family but they discovered them and took them all away! You can get yours by shopping on line or at one of the many stores that now carry them!

Not only that but you can also enter to win a sample pack just like the one I received and it was fabulous!
All you have to do is the easy entries and that's it! The rest of the entries are optional do one or do them all that is up to you. The more optional entries you do the better your chances of winning!

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Disclaimer: I did receive a sample pack so I could review these cookies. I would never say anything was good if I did not think it was. All opinions are my own.