Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rescue Chocolate

Guest Post

Is it possible to do good while eating something good? Of course! That's what Rescue Chocolate is for.
The Brooklyn-based Rescue Chocolate company produces scrumptious dark chocolate bars and truffles that are all hand-crafted, vegan, and kosher. They are only for human consumption, but all profits are donated to various animal rescue organizations around the world.
A different rescue group is chosen each month to be the company's beneficiary.To date, there have been 28 monthly partners including Farm Sanctuary, In Defense of Animals, and Red Rover. Most of the groups focus on re-homing abandoned or abused dogs and cats. But there have also been partnerships with groups focused on rabbits, birds, and even rodents.
Hundreds of other groups have used Rescue Chocolate to raise funds as well. They purchase the bars and truffles at below-whoesale rates, and then re-sell at their adoption events, auctions, and other fundraisers at the regular retail rate, pocketing the difference.
Each of Rescue Chocolate's flavors is named after an issue important to the animal rescue community. For example, you can feast on the Peanut Butter Pit Bull bar, which aims to rehabilitate the image of this misunderstood breed. And there's the Mission Feral Fig bar, which encourages consumers to learn about humane ways to manage feral cat colonies.
Rescue Chocolate was founded in January 2010 by Sarah Gross, who was out walking her rescued miniature pit bull, Mocha, one morning when inspriation hit. Sarah had always been drawn to the plight of homeless companion animals. She volunteered at her local animal shelter beginning back in junior high, which is also the time frame when she became a vegetarian. Her passion for dark chocolate developed a few years later. Then she realized she could combine her two loves, and Rescue Chocolate took off. 
And who doesn't love chocolate, or animals, or both?
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