Monday, May 21, 2012

Potty Time DVD and CD Review and Giveaway US Only Ends 6/11/2012

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Potty Time Review

Anyone that has done this or is going through this time in a childs life knows that it's the most traumatic adventure that a family can have....nightmare comes to mind. Until I learn what is the key combination with my child and getting them to go to the potty, it is a daily struggle and yes puddle also. That is why when I saw there were potty training videos I wanted to review it. How easy would this be to use with a child? I see a lot of products that just don't meet the expectations I had for it when I brought it home.

Because learning to use the potty takes all of our co-operation the entire family sat down to watch the potty training video together. I figured it was a learning tool for us all. At first I thought the wrong video was sent to me, because I saw a beautiful woman singing and signing about, all the different ways we are amazing. Then I got it, she was teaching us about how it all works together and she did it in song and sign which I thought was awwwwesoooommme. When my oldest was a baby I had taught him sign language but that was  a long time ago. I used to take care of a boy that could not speak and everyone thought was mentally challenged but he was not he just wasn't give the tools to talk. When he learned sign language everyone that knew and dealt with Scotty learned sign language also. Me included. But over the years I forgot it also. So watching her sign was fascinating to me and I discovered I remembered some of the words also. I was enchanted with her voice and the kids started to sign with her also. I could see that the right approach even the hardest lessons could be learned with ease, and by everyone learning the signs even a child that can not speak clearly yet could easily be understood. Rachel Coleman sings, signs and dances her way through potty training and teaches parents and the kids how to do it also. 

This is a great potty training video for boys and a great potty training video for girls. With positive reaffirmation on listening to your body and how accidents happen. My kids after one sit down with the video could all sign they had to go potty and to flush, they have trouble remembering wipe and wash. But I know they will get it, and the fact that they remember those signs and what they mean is a huge step. The great part about having not only the video but the cd also is they can remember the lessons while playing, because they are learning the songs and singing them as they go.

My first attempt at potty training did not go well, I had no clue how to do it, so it took me a lot longer then I think it should have. It wasn't until I had the Mr. take him and show him what to do, did he actually learn. I am so glad to have this fabulous tool this time!

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Mom Blog Society.Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers