Friday, May 11, 2012

Operation Smile A Story To Remember. A Life To Change.

I have spoken about Operation Smile a few times before it is a fantastic program for children around the world and is not limited to one area or country. What they do is provide surgery to children who need cleft lip and palate surgery. They are an international medical children's charity dedicated to finding lasting solutions for this life threatening medical condition. Check them out on Facebook.
Every 3 minutes a child is born with a cleft palate.
Since 1982, Operation Smile though the help of medical volunteers and
supporters like you more then 2 million evaluations and 200,00 free surgeries for children and young adults has been performed to correct this and other facial deformities.

Will you help make a difference?

I want to tell you a story of a little girl named Nobertha, I grew up in East Los Angeles. Our neighbors were was once an influential family in their own country with the men all being doctors. But here in America they were refugees and had little money. They took in two little girls as foster children to help bring in extra incomes. Anna and Nobertha, Anna was a beautiful and sweet child while her sister Nobertha had a cleft palate and was disfigured, she could not talk and only made guttural noises. This family treated Anna like a princess and Nobertha just like a dog. I was a young girl and the sights and sounds still haunt me. The only reason they treated this baby like they did was because she looked different and they thought she was retarded. She could not talk., they did not potty train her and when she messed herself they drug her out of the house yelling NOBERTHA! and hosed her off with a water hose naked even in the winter. We would hear them beating this child and hear her screams. My mother could only take so much of this treatment and often asked the girls over she would cuddle Nobertha who sucked up the unusual affection, mom loved all children. Mom persistently called social services until they finally came and removed the girls. Mom said the only problem was that Nobertha had a cleft palate and that if she received the corrective surgery she would sing like a canary and speak like everyone else. Mom was right once removed they did get the surgery done for this little girl. I know I could not do anything to help her back then I was a little girl also, but it haunts me and will stay with me forever that this little girl was so terribly abused because of a birth defect. And her name was not Nobertha it was Bertha, we had never heard her name uttered with out a No in front of it. My mom made a difference for sweet Bertha and you can do the same thing for another child.