Friday, May 11, 2012

Breathe Right Advanced Strips Review and Sample!

 Breathe Right Advanced Strips Review
And Sample!


If theres one issue I have with sleeping at night, it's my nose being congested (especially at this time of year when the pollen is about). It can make getting a good nights sleep really hard at times, especially when its really hot as well. So when Breathe Right asked me to review their newest Breathe Right Advanced, I had to give them a go.

The package that these strips came in kind of reminded me of the packs that band-aids come in, except that they're foil wrapped in packs of 2. They come with easy to read instructions on how to fit them onto your nose and also in the pack there is a $1.50 off coupon, how handy! The adhesive used on the strips is strong too, so as long as you make sure to clean your face before applying, you shouldn't have any issues with the strip falling off in the middle of the night.

Once on I felt the strip doing its work and immediately found it easier to inhale through my nose. The sensation of wearing it was a little odd to start with but after it had been on for a few minutes I barely noticed it was there (unless I happened to reach up to scratch my nose of course). For the nights I used these strips, I had a very good nights sleep so I will be buying these again! My only slight issue with this item was that the second time I wore one upon removal, I must have pulled on the strip too hard or it wasn't properly seated in the right place, because it left me with a rather angry purple bruise on my nose for a couple of days, rather annoying that was..!

I would recommend these for anyone who has congestion issues when sleeping at night, Breathe Right Adavanced strips are easy to apply, comfortable to wear and definately do what they say on the tin (or box in this case). They also make a good supplement for any allergy medication for when the medication doesn't take care of the itchyness in your nose. Just be careful when removing it, and make sure that it is placed properly too!

You can get your own sample simply click on the word HERE and request yours also!

Disclaimer: I did receive a free sample of this product from Breathe Right so that I could review it. However receiving this sample for free does not affect my opinion of it in any way. All my views are my own.