Friday, May 11, 2012

Do You Bake Update...

I am sad to say that the sales consultant that offered a gift certificate to one of my readers and did not send it. Nor are they responding to emails from me. Why does this happen? Actually, this is the first time this has happened to me since I started to blog. I think that it happens when someone is starting out and  is trying to launch and they get overwhelmed with promises. Sadly making promises to get traffic and then breaking them is not a great way to get people to stay loyal customers.

I am printing this retraction of my endorsement on this sales person and not the company NOT because the product is bad.It is very good, I was delighted with what I received from them. I am removing my endorsement simply because if the sales consultant I dealt with is having financial issues and one of my readers would send them money , but not get their products. Again, this representative is not responding to emails I would feel responsible and I do not want that on my heart.

I would gladly buy from this vendor if I were close enough to go pick up my merchandise at the time of purchase. The product is wonderful.

I made it up to my reader and purchased some great baking kits and sent them off... On the flip side I did buy 4 complete kits for 10.00 at the grocery store. I am hoping my winner will tell us how she likes then and if they taste great when she gets them done!

If anyone is interested in Do You Bake~ Ann Fudge Cluck~ who commented below is a representative and has been one of my readers since I started blogging and is always ready to answer an email!