Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mo Phillips, Monster Suit Music CD Review and Giveaway! US & CA Ends 5/31/12

To be honest, kids music kinda drives me up the wall, so when my mom showed me this new style of music called "kindie" I was intrigued. Mo Phillips's "Monster Suit" CD is incredibly refreshing for kids music, with cool indie melodies, silly lyrics about giraffes on your porch and pink sparkly dresses, it's the perfect kind of music for your little rocker to dance to and NOT give you a headache. I actually enjoy listening to these funky, funny songs myself. Just because theres no better theme song than "Hot Lava" to give you an excuse to walk from one side of the room to the other using nothing but furniture!
Anything that encourages tolerance and acceptance in children is something that I feel should be embraced whole-heartedly, kids can be mean when it comes to things that are different or they don't understand. These cool acoustic tunes are sometimes mellow, sometimes perky, and always playful! I've personally been loving listening to this CD, and am planning on getting a copy just for myself to drive around with, so I can sing along to silly songs in traffic!

Mo Phillips CD is on sale now you can purchase it on  his web site, CDBaby and iTunes!

Mo Phillips would like one of my readers to have one of his CDs for themselves,
to enter all you have to do is complete the easy ntry the rest are optional do one or do them all that is up to you! The more you do the better are your chance of winning!

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Disclaimer: I did receive a sample CD so I could review it, even so I would not say I liked something if I did not. All opinions are my own.