Sunday, April 22, 2012

Factoid: Doctor Who?

Was never really a fan of Dr. Who until my husband had me sit down and watch about 6 episodes of it straight in a row with him. I really underestimated it and was certainly fascinated by "The Doctor".

For other Who nerds, here's some random facts for you.

  • The producers knew the Doctor would have a space ship that didn't look like a spaceship, and it was originally supposed to have a chameleon effect. When in Rome, look like a pillar; when in a field it looks like a rock, when in a forest look like a tree, etc. The first episode took place in London and it was a Police Phone Box. The only problem was the small budget, so a phone box it stayed.
  • The writers managed to get away with only vague hints to the doctor's origin for six years. The producers needed an explanation and finally "revealed" he was a time lord from Gallifrey
  • Dr. Who's time machine, which is called a TARDIS is an acronym that was invented by the doctor's companion Susan. It stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space.
  • The Ice Warriors are the Doctor's only villians who reformed and went back to their home planet.