Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Little Things In Life

Love is so close to hate I have to comment on it also. One can't exist without the other. Just like with hate, this word can take on many meanings. It can be used as an endearment, an exclamation, a description it can even be used sarcastically. Simple phrases like I love that, I love you, look love and real love was put into that ,can change just with the users deflection of tone.
People search for love. It has been mans eternal quest. Some are lucky enough to find true love the first time they try for it. While others try to find love repeatedly and fail. Some people have it and fail to see what they have. These people let it go only to see what they had when it is totally lost to them. Some throw it away and are lucky enough to retrieve it. Some fool themselves into believing they have it while at the same time knowing what they have may be a mutual agreement, however true love was never there. Some use love as a tool, saying if you act the way I want you to I will love you. If you don't I have no use for you.
What I wonder is this... Does mankind really know what love is?  Maybe it changes for each person... Maybe this is why it is so hard to find.
Who defines what love is anyway?
Maybe the man or woman sitting next to you (as you: gain weight, fall ill, have babies, cry, hate, laugh, fight, lose jobs, say goodbye to loved ones, struggle, excel, hurt, grow old, lose interest, cheat, drink, gamble or what ever situation your life path takes you to) is true love. Maybe all you need to do is look a little closer at this person. Hold their hand a little tighter, look deeper into their eyes, smile a little more at them. Sometimes I think people put too much emphasis on passion, romance and sex. Maybe true love is deeper then that.
Even love for family can be viewed this way. True love lasts through the ages. People who know true love don't walk away because it is easier to do so. True love fights for love and for life. Mom knew this, she fought to hold her family together. Especially with her children and siblings. Mom was good at winning this battle of love. But with some there was no winning. Some people love to be at odds and there can be no winners with them. I think this is why mom gave up and died, she was tired of trying to fight for love. And give up she did, I never saw so much hurt and pain in any other living souls eyes.
I will never give up my hope that one day I will get calls from people I love. I want to hear them say: I am sorry and I love you...
One day I hope they see something special in me and that maybe I am not so bad after all...
I will not live my life expecting this so even if this  doesn't happen I will continue to love as I always have:
I will...
Love  my God.
Love the way new babies feel and smell.
Love my children.
Love my husband.
Love my circle of friends.
Love to laugh.
Love my garden.
Love to hear birds sing.
Love it when people love me too.
Love to say I love you.
Love good music.
Love my pottery.
Love life.
Love adventure.
Love a good book.
And I will always Love You Too...
I could have continued however unlike my list of hate, the list of what I love would never end.