Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kids In College? Can You Use A $$ Break?

 Campus Book Rentals May Be The Answer!
Anyone that has ever gone to college or has kids in college knows how expensive the text books are to buy, then after the semester is over the need for them is gone. That is why I am so pleased to tell you about Campus Book Rentals. You can save 40 to 90% by renting them and that's big money!

All you do is choose the book that you need, when you need it, how long you need it for and that is it.
You get free shipping if you order them 7 to 14 days before you need them, and return shipping is free.
So you get them, use them and send them back that is it. With Campus Book Rentals you can even highlight in the book and that is okay.Here is a great example of savings this is a book I had to buy and pay full price
If I had rented it it would have cost me only ONLY 23.65 for an entire semester and that includes shipping both ways. The choice is a no brainier, unless you need the books after you graduate why get stuck with them and why sell them back for a fraction when all you have to do is rent them?
 Check out the FAQ's:

Another huge plus for me is that Campus Book Rentals donates to Operation Smile.
With every book rented a portion of the proceeds goes to Operation Smile which is a non profit organization dedicated to helping children around the world who need surgery. They provide their services and disaster relief at home and abroad so this is really a worth while charity.

I know with soon to be three children  (my son, daughter and son in law) all in college this site is going to be our favorite, bestest buddy for the next few years. Do you know anyone that would like to join me in major savings land?