Saturday, March 24, 2012

Keeping Them Safe

My son has been going to UNL for the past 2 1/2 years. A little over a year ago he upset someone while driving and that person followed him home. Every since there every few months something disastrous happens to the car.The first was this tire whoever it is that is doing these things slit the tire in a circle but did it in a way so it would blow out as the car was moving, Thank God that he had been going very slow and was stopped at a light when it happened and that he was only a block from his apartment.

Then about 6 months later on a very cold and icy day someone loosened the u -joint so when the car was moving suddenly the tires went in opposite directions. My Lord protected my daughter who was driving because she, like my son had come to a full stop before they turned on her.

Then two weeks ago someone smashed the drivers window and stole a pair of cheap sunglasses, the weird thing is that he had a very expensive French Horn in the car and the vehicle next to ours had a television in the back seat, that car had not been touched.

This person has a vendetta, the kids are moving out by the end of April they will all be home so how do I keep him safe until then? We purchased a car alarm.
This system has all the bells and whistles, electric doors locks, a kill function and a remote starter. We had an installation scheduled on sale for 219.99 and we thought that was a great deal. Then I did a quick check on Ebay and I found the same unit for....drum roll....39.95 free shipping. WOWOWWW
I ended up buying one for each car. Now I have to light the fire under the Mr. to install it. My son is bringing his car tomorrow for the project to begin.

I will try to get pictures of the process.