Sunday, February 19, 2012

Writing On The Wall 7 Things You Did Not Know About Me

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7 Things You Did Not Know About Me

1) Pink is my favorite song, color and singer.

2) I have dreamed of going to Europe my entire life.

3) I always try to be positive but sometimes I fail badly.

4) My favorite smells are a brand new baby, wet cement on a hot summer day, a house that has a wood burner or wood burning fireplace that they use and my moms cooking.

5) My temper flairs and cools quickly (but I have been known to hold a grudge for years).

6) I have an offbeat but good sense of humor.

7) I love art, all sorts of art as long as it is not too violent or abstract. Really abstract pieces give me headaches and sometimes heartaches. I like to know what I am looking at. My home is filled with pottery, paintings and other forms of art old and new. I have all my kids artwork  they made while growing up (talk about abstract!).
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