Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Worlds Best Cat Litter or Is It?

A couple months ago I ran a review and giveaway on the Worlds Best Cat Litter. I absolutely love it and so does all 3 of my cats. I love it so much that I bought it for my son and his cat  likes it also ( I can't say my son loves it, he isn't into that sort of compairison. He loved that his mom brought him free cat litter!). But cats can be funny and some don't like change no matter what kind it is, If they have something they like and you take it away or upset them the consequences can be startling.

We had a cat  Gwen and when my son upset her, she pooped on his chest while he was sleeping. She let him know that under no circumstances will he ever do that again, he did and  so did she. But, the second time marked the end of that problem, because what ever he did to upset her, he promptly stopped and so did she. Then there was my Zorro who also did the balancing act on the side of the box but he did it because he was a long haired cat and if he got in the box he somehow got it on him and I would have to bathe him, so he learned how to keep away from it all.

However last night I got this note from one of the 3 winners of the Worlds Best Cat Litter:
                    You have to read about our experience with World's Best Cat Litter. My daughter wrote this: Worlds Best Cat Litter you are not. You blow. My cat absolutely hated how you felt on her paws that she decided that ,rather than subject herself to your texture, she will hang her but over the edge so she doesn't have to get in the litter box. When she was told that she would be getting new litter today she decided to hold it instead of attempting that tight rope act she devised. Tidy Cats you are loved. You make my uppity little cat very very happy.

I wrote the other two winners to see what their thoughts are.

Maybe it's just that my cats just don't care. I don't know for sure. But there is one difference, I picked the lavender scent , and bought that for my son as well and and this winner did not. Could that have been the difference?  I will let you know what the others say, I think they both picked Lavender. This may be interesting!

*** update!***
I heard from one of the other winners and he said that his cat uses it  and it is okay.
He isn't sure it is worth the extra cost because his cat isn't fussy and will use what ever he gives it to use. The third winner's email bounced back to me so apparently she is no longer at that email address.

I suppose the answer to this question is personal preference, what you want to put down for your cat and what they will tolerate. I love this litter because it is organic and will return to dirt, I put it in my mulch pile . I love the lavender scent and that even that is organic, it makes me a little greener in this world.