Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Worlds Best Cat Litter or Is It? Update

*** update!***
I heard from one of the other winners and he said that his cat uses it  and it is okay.
He isn't sure it is worth the extra cost because his cat isn't fussy and will use what ever he gives it to use. The third winner's email bounced back to me so apparently she is no longer at that email address.

I suppose the answer to this question is personal preference, what  you want to put down for your cat and what they will tolerate. I love this litter because it is organic and will return to dirt, I put it in my mulch pile .My cat's don't mind it and for me it lasts a lot longer then the one I used to use before. I love the lavender scent and that even that is organic, it makes me a little greener in this world.