Monday, February 27, 2012

Puss N Birds?

ZZOMG!... When I work on my blog I have lots of windows open at the same time. My mind is sort of ADHD at times especially with the meds I am on. My hubby came in and treated me to lunch. We ate in my office. Suddenly I heard birds chirping, Me: "Rick we have birds in the attic again. You have to go up there and find out where they're coming in from". Rick: "Okay tomorrow" (His tomorrows never come which is why I was hearing birds). Suddenly I hear honk, honk, honk, and bark, bark, bark..chirp, twitter, chirp. Me: "Are the neighbors kids out with toys?" Rick "No". Then I hear hissssssssssssssss Me:" Where are the cats? Did one of them get stuck behind the desk?" Rick: "No they're all here".Me: "The birds sound pretty happy but you got to get them out of the attic". Rick: "Okay tomorrow".... I listened to the dog, cat, bird and horn for an hour, they were driving me crazy I sent the Mr. outside to see what was happening out there. He came back and reported he could find nothing, but heard the birds. I was resigned to hearing this for the rest of my day. Then it dawned on me. One of my dear high school friends sent me a Sims invite and while I don't play anymore I clicked on it so I could send one back, got side tracked and there it was sitting hidden in my tabs. All the noises I thought were in the attic, out my window or in my mind.  OYE! Bye Bye Birdies, click.... :)