Sunday, February 5, 2012

Operation Support A Cancer Cutie

My name is Christina Serrano I have been working closely with Christine Dell, founder of the non-proifit organization Operation:Support a Cancer Cutie. Christine's foundation sends baskets of hope to children(as well as their parents) who are battling cancer and other serious illnesses. Baskets include items such as books, teddy bears, hats, games, anything to help brighten the childs day while going through such a horrible time. Baskets are also sent to the mothers/parents of these children, for they too are fighting along side of their child. I am thankful that I stumbled upon Christine's page and found out about this AMAZING foundation, from the second I did, I was HOOKED and determined to help in any way possible. I grew up going back and forth to Childrens Hospital in Los Angeles, Ca., not for myself, but for my younger sister. At 14 months old, she stopped breathing and was rushed into emergency surgery where they discovered a tumor on her heart. That was the beginning of a long struggle. Over the past 20 years, my sister has had 12 surgeries, removing tumor after tumor, and also removing her spleen, pieces of her kidney, stomach, and even her left lung. While spending time with her, I would visit other children and help spread some happiness to them as well. I am so thankful that God has continued to shine His light on my sister and she will be celebrating her 21st birthday later this year! Children are God's greatest more precious gifts, and I am so happy to be able to be apart of spreading happiness to these precious little angels. For more information about the organization you can visit, I am asking that if any vendors would like to participate by donating some items to be added to the baskets of hope, for these children and or their parents, to contact me at I really appreciate you taking the time to read this! 
Christina Serrano

As a cancer survivor I battled for years as I did chemo, lost the ability to walk and became  home bound
I lost years of my life. 
Pain filled years.
No child should have to suffer through what I did, their days should be filled with laughter.
The worst thing they should worry about is  where they left their shoes.
In a perfect world this would be the way it is.
But as we know nothing is perfect.
When I think of  children that suffer through the various cancers
my heart absolutely breaks.
Anyone that has had to deal with any form of cancer knows what I am talking about.
The pain, the fear, what you endure from the treatments.

There are people put on this earth that hear the cries of angels
two of those people are Christine and Christina.
Please take a moment and take a look at what they do