Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hot Contest!

When I was a little girl and mom had a rough day she sometimes treated us to Chef Boyardee Raviolis.
The can logo and smell of them can bring back so many memories for me.

So when I heard about a contest they are running I wanted to tell you about it. 
It sounds kind of fun.
I found out about the contest through  Mom Central when I applied to possibly host a Chef Boyardee party. However posting this story about the contest doesn't make me getting to host the party any easier.
I just want to tell you about it.
The Prize is a year of FREE Groceries 

Here is how it works 
Now through March 11,2012  you can submit an original recipe (one that you made up)
that uses one of Chef Boyardee's products to make it and it can be Anything you want it to be. Then you go to the Chef Boyardee Facebook Fan page and upload a picture of your dish.And tell them why your family loves it! There will be a weekly winner who will get $500.00 in Cash and $75.00 in Coupons! Plus you can re-enter every week!

The top ten finalists from each week will be entered in to the 
contest for the grand prize of free groceries for a year.

The grand prize winner is chosen based on a combination of scores 
based on the flavor of the dish and voting.
The voting is from March 26- April 8, 2012 and is done by fellow Facebook Chef Boyardee fans.

The voters get entered into a daily drawing for a chance to win $100.00.
If they share the promotion on Facebook they get an extra entry.

So if you are a chef~a~neista  (like my made up words?)
Get in the kitchen and cook up a winner!
Let me know if you enter and I will post your pictures and the links so Bloggity Bloggers can vote for you too!

The winner will be chosen based on a combined score of taste points and voting. The voting period lasts March 26-April 8, 2012, and voters get a perk too - they get entered into a daily sweepstakes for the chance to win $100. Share it on Facebook and get an extra sweepstakes entry.