Thursday, February 9, 2012

INTENTclick: Monetizing Your Blog Is Only A Click Away

Are you new to blogging and wondering how to make a little money on your growing obsession? I ask because I was wondering the same thing. I tried Adsense but I personally did not like all the clutter and ads being shoved down my readers throats. I don't care to read a blog that has so many ads that it distracts me from why I am there to begin with. Plus if  your readers click on one of those ads, wham they're gone! That's why finding INTENTclick was so great, when someone clicks on one of the  in-text links a new tab opens so they can go look but you don't go away, yaay! It seemed like an easy way to monetize my blog and not annoy my readers.

I applied, it only took a day to be approved. INTENclick is looking for blogs  like mine English only with over 1000 followers. Blogs that deal with finance, budgeting, online opportunities. People like me that like to find bargains, coupons, sales you know us frugal homemakers trying to save a little for a rainy day. After I was approved I set up my account. That was pretty easy all I did was provide my personal information. The only part I didn't like was giving them my social security information (Actually I pity the person that wants to steal my information because I don't have much anyone would want heck, I don't want it). Then came the only hard part for me, there is a code you have to install in the HTML source code next to the final <body> HTML tag on my site. Oh Boy... sometimes those smart IT people forget that some of us are just mom's with no formal computer training. The instructions were a  big WHAT? to me. But that's why I love Google, all I did was perform a search where I found out just where<body> was. After that it took only a couple minutes  to install the code. The whole process wasn't too hard after all. Then all I had to do was wait and INTENTclick did the rest.  The next time I went into my blog the text links were up and running.

So now I am going to tell you what it is and why I like it, Intentclick puts those little double lines under certain words, they are called in-text ads. So if I am talking about cars or baby bottles they can direct you to great companies that offer those products. They do it without plastering your walls with annoying pictures, I like that. If you already have Adsense  you don't have to worry they are compatible plus  you will make about 25% more by using them together. They are both ppc advertising (this means they both are pay per click). When someone clicks on a link you make money (.07 per click) I know it doesn't sound like much but it adds up fast INTENTclick actually has the best payout.You track your referrals by signing into your account on their site. They have all the information you need there. The clicks are easily tracked through their own unique identifier. INTENTclick was the right choice for me, it's easy to use. They pay when you accumulate $50.00, I was able to pick how I got paid (I chose PayPal) and I was even able to set the amount I get paid after the $50.00 minimum.  Why don't you check it out, see if it is right for you too? If  your blog doesn't fit their requirements you won't be approved so you're not going to lose a thing.