Sunday, February 5, 2012

Can Fighting Acne Also Be Green?

You know I have been talking about my kids acne problems for a while. I have bought so many different ointments, cleansers and  treatments for these incredibly bad break outs. It frustrates me because I think it is under control only to come back just as bad as before. I always knew that acne was caused because our body (and I found out tonight it was actually the sebaceous glands) produced too much oil and that clogs your pores which traps bacteria and everyone has this bacteria on their skin. But what I didn't know was that after this happens white blood cells move in to fight the bacteria and that is what causes the pimples. So what we are doing is trying  help the white cells get rid of the bacteria. Wow, I feel like a scientist trying to figure all this out!

I discovered all this when I found an acne removal system that looks pretty neat. There were actually two different systems, one was called Clear and the other one Zap. They both use a blue light, sonic vibration and warmth to treat the area. They look a lot like an LED flashlight only with a blue light. What you do is place it on the acne, turn it on and hold it there. The blue light starts to kill the acne causing bacteria and because you are reducing the bacteria you are also stopping the acne! Plus the vibration and warmth opens your pores which reduces even more bacteria. It stimulates your skin and causes circulation which reduces the swelling, too cool! What is really nice is that it can be used on any skin with out it causing irritation or pain or bleaching. I really like these and I want to talk to the Mr. about them tomorrow, it is really affordable considering how much we spend keeping the other treatments on hand and with this you don't have to constantly replace it. I like that idea, sort of on the green side isn't it.