Saturday, January 7, 2012

What are you really eating? By Lauree

Often in this tough economy it is an easy decision when going to the supermarket,"which one is cheapest?". However,I feel there is another more important question to ask "which one is most humaine?" Some people may find this a bit silly, but consider this question, is what is considered healthy to feed animals that are now your food the healthiest for you? A recent study by UNL showed that even though farmers are adding anti biotics to the feed they give thier livestock (as is NOT required by the FDA) it's rather ineffective. Not only that but there's signs that, due to over-exposure of anti-biotics to the cattle that we consume, many of these diseases are becoming immune to vaccines administered to humans. Remember the old saying "you are what you eat? well it would seem all we are eating these days are vaccine immunity building meat.(link below) Reading these stories makes me think about the feedlots around here. Too many anmals stuffed into filthy cramped pens. They are forced to live in their own excrement in highly stressful living conditions. There is no wonder that diseases run rampant in situations like that. Plus they feed these animals hormones to make them grow faster and this causes structural bone complications and muscular development that causes some animals to not be able to support their own weight to walk. And there is new evidence that shows that feedlots feed their animals the leftover floor droppings of chicken housing. (link below). Okay now after thinking about all that consider some of your options. Some supermarkets sell buffalo meat, which by federal guidelines prohibits the general use anti-bitics or growth hormones in that livestock. My own local Russ's Market sells buffalo burger, and if you live in a rural community  you can ask around. Maybe you know a hunter that harvests his own meat and may be willing to share some of their meat or would be willing to sell his surplus. Also in our area there are butcher shops that processes meats and often you can purchase portions of pork and beef if you buy it this way you can ask and make sure that the meat you buy is only corn fed and free wranging . Meat that has no additives and steroids, there are plenty of farmers that do not do the feed lot thing. Because this is a family friendly site and I don't want to gross anyone out I won't get into processing plants.Plus, I want to tell you that I am not a vegan and I am not into P.E.T.A. as a group but I know that the animals we eat are living , they do feel and think. We shouldn't allow them to be treated in a manner that is as inhumaine as they often are. I know I often think that I am only one person how can I make a difference and the answer is, by making a personal choice and change. If you have never tasted the difference between feedlot beef and free wranging beef you should make a point of finding some because once you taste the difference you will understand and the choice of which to buy will be an easy one. PLUS you can get together with family or friends and buy a whole beef and split it. The cost if you break it down to do it this way is so much more affordable then going to the grocery store and you have enough meat to last you all year.

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