Wednesday, January 18, 2012

There Is Nothing As Good As A Cup Of Coffee

I  love my coffee and I don't feel my day goes just right if I don't get at least one cup. It doesn't have to be one of those fancy lattes (although I like them too!) as long as it is rich, mellow and has some cream and sweetener in it. I also love better roasts and brands, not the stuff you pick up at the grocery store. I like the club coffees. Most people think that by joining the clubs or ordering on line they are going to spend more on their products then if they pick it up themselves and the truth is, I don't think so, or at least that hasn't been my experiences. With the richer fuller flavored coffees the better roasts, it seems to me that you use less when you make a pot.
In fact I had so much on hand that I gave everyone coffee for Christmas one year.

There are a couple of coffees Roaste carries that I love and keep on hand all the time . I like how I can pick which roast I want and if I want to change it I can, I love the ease and convenience of  being able to go and in a few seconds check my account or see what is new. It is very exciting to try coffees from all around the world it makes me feel very trendy and chic. If you want to check them out and decide to order I know you won't be disappointed, at least I have not been.Plus they have the neatest accessories, I am a self declaired kitchen-aholic and there are never enough gadgets in my life! Oh well, it's time for another cup talk to you later!