Monday, January 16, 2012

Living In Alaska

Living in Alaska
Authored by Leandro Delgado
When we bought our home in Alaska, there were a lot more things to think about than I knew before we moved there. I knew it would be much colder than I was used to, but you really have to monitor the cold temperatures so that your pipes will not freeze in your home. The security system that we got through home security systems Alaska monitors the temperature in our home and lets us know if it is getting dangerously low. This can happen if we are out of town, but the people at our security company notify us, and then we can get our neighbor to go over and turn up the heat at our house. The security people call us on our cell phone. It is a good thing that they call both our home and cell numbers because sometimes the power goes out and the phones at our house don’t work. I don’t really like to be out of town when it is really cold at home, but if we are going somewhere warmer there is no way I would turn down a trip like that. 

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