Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Is Winter Going On Too Long For The Kids?

Maybe you're a baby sitter and have tons of  little ones around.

Need something new for them to do? How about a Mom friendly indoor sandbox?
I found this on All You also,

The instructions are to use some sort of tub and then fill it with different kinds of beans and pasta to make a colorful indoor play area then you can use various containers, scoops, shovels, funnels ect for the kids to play with.

Here is my twist on this great idea.... You take one of those under bed plastic storage containers with a lid:
 Then add  a base and legs to it. Which would be easy to do. All you need is
a piece of plywood slightly smaller then the bottom of the container ( you want it smaller to prevent splinters) then get a set of legs at any home improvement or hardware store I think Walmart even carries them.. If it were me I would firdt pick legs that were a kid friendly size then I would position the box on the plywood, then place the legs and one at a time on each of the 4 corners screwing all the  pieces(the box, plywood and leg) through the plastic box to secure them and make a quick, cheap and easy play table for your home. You can get lumber yards to cut the plywood to the size you need. And the rest would be easy if you had a drill or electric screw driver. If your husband is like mine he would do it for you because mine doesn't trust me with his tools haha. And the best part is if you do this right this table will go outside in the summer!

But I would watch the "sand" if you use beans and pasta like they say you would need to change it out every once in a while to prevent bugs... what about buttons? maybe if you hit enough yard sales and such? I know Walmart used to carry buckets of buttons for crafts....hmmmm