Sunday, December 18, 2011

World News

The last of American Troops crossed over into Kuwait last night. My son and I watched as the last  American convoy passed through and then the gates to the border crossing were son (a Marine that went to Iraq twice) said he was glad to see them coming home, however he thinks that the reasons they left are the wrong ones. He doesn't feel that the job was finished and that there may be a wrong message sent to the one's they were fighting.

Personally my heart goes out to the good people of Iraq... I had been a part of a group where there were a lot of Iraqi men. While in the group these educated and professional men stated over and over how much they appreciated us being there. Their love of our country, their sorrow of our losses and how much they needed us to stay there and why.I left the group because I knew what they did not, we were going to abandon them and I could not bear to see their words as they realized it as well. Yesterday realized their worst fears, I pray they stay safe without our protection.

For those that worked with the American military and their allies, I am sorry we left you behind. Make no mistake people they are in peril.