Sunday, December 18, 2011

What I Am Doing With My Day

The Winner of the Tropical Traditions Dried Organic Shredded Coconut has been drawn and I am waiting to hear back from her....Check your emails and check your junk boxes! You can not imagine how many times I have to re pick winners because they don't respond and that makes me sad..... Also I want you to know that automatic out of town I am away or any other auto message doesn't qualify as a response. Sorry....

My husband works for a horrible company that forces it's employees to work 7~ 12 to16 hour days. This means my husband is always tired and always grouchy. You would think we would be rolling in dough but because of my medical bills and the excessive deductions we still are broke all the time.

I told you about the lake Turkey juice on my kitchen floor on Thanksgiving Day for the last two(2) years well this year when the cook in bag broke() it was inside the oven and it made a holy moly mess. Because the Mr is always working and I am too weak still (health reasons) I was unable to pull the stove out to clean under it (a must before Christmas). I have not been able to bake or get anything ready. Well, my son is home and pulled it out so I must go and clean the floor. After this is done we are going gift shopping and then I will be baking cookies! woot woot!

I will be back later to post some finds and get the winners of the two giveaways that end tonight.