Tuesday, December 27, 2011

To Me This Is A Huge YES!

Ben Nelson To Retire! WooHoo!
This is a major Nebraska Victory! And I am not talking Democrat vs Republican here.
Although, I have noticed that many of the shady politicians have taken the easy way out.
Opting to leave their offices as a winner instead of facing the defeat that awaits them at the voting booths this year. Ben Nelson lost favor in Nebraska when he sold out not only his constituents but all of America with that bribe he took for his vote that pushed Obama's health care into a law. Nebraskans showed him how much we would take when fellow Nebraskans boo'd him out of a Pizza Parlor shortly after. 

Senator Nelson has been on a email campaign for about 4 months sending up to 4 emails a day assuring Nebraskans how much he cares about us. Each and every one I received was answered with I will show you how much I believe you come voting time. I hope you lose. Because for the first time since moving to Nebraska I was changing my vote and going to vote against him. Thank You Mr. Nelson for saving me the effort!

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