Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Local News

First The Story, I changed some of it and took out the names because it won't do for all of you to know where I live. However I wanted to share this. After you read the story, my thoughts.
The Grinches That Tried To Steal Christmas
Three Hispanics,Two men and a teenage boy were arrested at 3:22 A.M. after police officers observed them removing Christmas presents from a home and placing them in their car. The officers made a traffic stop and placed them all under arrest in connection with the burglary. Police also discovered the still wrapped gifts meant for children with their name tags in place from the robbery they observed.
The driver was also arrested for driving under the influence, refusal to submit to a preliminary breath test and refusing a chemical test.
The adults were placed in the the county jail. The juvenile was released to his parents.

My thoughts,
I grew up in East Los Angeles and in the city you heard of this sort of activity all the time. However moving to a small mid western town in the Bible belt almost 20 years ago we were surprised that we did not have to show our ID to write a check, we didn't have to pay for fuel before we pumped and everyone knew us by name. With the exception of a very few ( and you knew who they were quick enough) people were honest and trustworthy. You could leave your keys in the car, your windows open in your home and your doors unlocked.
Then in my opinion a terrible phenomenon happened, local pork and beef processing plants went to boarder cities and put up signs saying that if you needed a job you should come here they also went to malls in areas all over Texas, California, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico and set up tables where locals could apply for jobs here. They of course would have to relocate...here. The reasons why they did this was because the local people did not want to do the type of work called for with out making tons of money. They were being paid a lot but their greedy hearts wanted more and they went on strike. So the plant closed it's doors, re organized under a new name and set out to find workers that would do the same work, cheap. They hired Hispanics by the hundreds, many illegals.These people came and did the jobs the locals had been being paid $24.00 an hour for only 7.00 an hour. A huge savings for the company, a huge blow to the local economy and a good lesson for the greedy people that should have just done their jobs at the great wage they were getting.
The problems that came with these new workers has been like Moses plagues. Tagging, home invasions, auto theft, car jacking, assault, vandalism, murder, drive by shootings, drugs and street gangs to name a few. The big city has befallen all the  towns in our area and us. Our little town only had 4 police officers for the first 10 years we lived here, They have a lot more now. 
No longer can we just write a check, more and more stores are declining to accept any checks at all, stores that sell shoes watch carefully as you chose your selections so you don't wear new shoes out leaving your old ones behind in the box. I am starting to see pay before you pump in the larger cities, it hasn't happened here yet , but I expect it. Our sleepy little town is becoming like the town I grew up in.
I hear people cry out racial profiling but when you look at the stories the names of the suspects 90% of the time are Hispanic.
What is the solution to our problem? It is a social issue and a cultural issue, the only ones that can solve these problems is them, as a group, a culture as a people they need to take ownership and educate their parents. They need to be diligent with their children and themselves. They need to want the better lives they came here for and keep their offspring grounded and under control. Being a parent is hard, being a good parent harder. Being a good person is not. The choice between right and wrong is sometimes muddled, the more you choose the wrong way, the easier it is to keep making those bad choices. 
Even though we don't live in a perfect world there are things that should never happen like...breaking into other peoples homes, especially while they are sleeping and taking their Christmas presents on Christmas Eve....